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The traditional way of looking at weight loss in the United States is based on calories. If you consume more calories than you need for energy you gain weight. If you consume less than you need you will lose weight. Some people go to great lengths to count calories using everything from pen and paper to computers to keep track. Of course almost all those people who approach weight loss from that point of view gain the weight back. It is easy to lose weight, but, almost impossible to keep it off.

Some people say weight problems are genetic. While it is certainly true that the predisposition to be overweight runs in families it is not really accurate to say that overweight and obesity are genetically caused. We know for instance than when people from foreign countries where over weight is rare come to the United States that they tend to gain weight. Their children raised in the U.S. who are genetically the same as their slender cousins back in the country of origin tend to become over weight just the same as other Americans. So there must be an environmental or lifestyle cause that is really responsible for the problem.

Where dieters go wrong is that they are operating from a false premise - that overweight is just caused by eating to much. What needs to be considered is why do people eat to much. The true cause of over weight is eating foods that are highly modified and artificial as compared to what our ancestors were eating long ago. In the ancient past all humans were hunter gathers. So we are adapted/designed to eat foods as nature provides them. Instead food today in a toxic concoction of highly processsed and artificial ingredients which are little more than addictive drugs with calories and a small amount of nutrients thrown in. What most people consider to be hunger is really addictive cravings. To be truly healthy people need to be eating mainly fresh raw vegetables and fruits, meat from range fed animals, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes and limited whole grains and dairy products. presents easy to read information about weight gain and advice on weight loss. Keep an eye out for weight loss polls throughout this web site. You can find them on the right-hand side of many pages on Learn healthy eating tips, diets and exercise tips.

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