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Air Cleaners

A wide variety of air cleansers are on the market. Some generate negative ions and ozone to cleanse the air without the use of any type of fan or motor. It is certainly an advantage if you want a quiet unit that uses little electricity. Other units use a fan to move air through a hepa or other filter to remove particulates and a charcoal or other filter to remove toxic gases and odors. Some of these do have fairly quiet fans, although, all are noisy compared to the first type with no fan.

Full Spectrum Lights

Most fluorecent and incandecent lights emit wavelengths that are very different than natural sunshine. Although leaving out the dangerous UV light that causes sunburn may be a good thing changingthe light in the visible spectrum may not be healthy for us. Full spectrum lights attempt to match the visible part of sunlight so colors appear more natural and our eyes receive more the kind of light that is healthy for us. There are also very bright lights available to treat SAD (seasonal affective (disorder). People with SAD feel depressed, tired and develop carbohydrate cravings during the winter when there is limited sunlight.

Water Purifiers

There are many types of water purifiers. Some use a carbon block to remove toxic chemicals and particulates. The pores in the carbon block are so small that even bacteria can't get through. There are also granular carbon filters. These are not as good and allow bacteria to pass through. Sometimes the carbon is treated with silver to kill the bacteria. Another type of purifier is reverse osmosis. The big disadvantage is that most of the water that goes into the unit goes down the drain and only a small part comes out of the unit as purified. So these are not very good for conservation. Water distillation produces very pure water if combined with carbon filtration to remove chemicals that distillation does not. The downside is they are noisy, use a lot of electricity and require a lot of trouble and maintenance.

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