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Online Drug Stores and Pharmaceuticals

While medications are over used in the United States it is also true that they save lives and treat conditions for which there is no other effective treatment. On the internet there are two basic types of pharmaceutical websites. First there are the online drug stores. Some are large internet only licensed pharmacies that dispense doctor prescribed medications by mail order while others are onlineoutlets for existing brick and mortar pharmacies. The second type of website does not sell any medications, but, offers comparisons between sources and/or information about drugs with links that will take you to an actual online pharmacy. Many of this second type of website are affiliate programs where the website owner receives a commission for every customer that they send to an actual pharmacy.

Some online drug stores are licensed in the United States while other are across the border in Canada, Mexico or some other country. Currently it is becoming more difficult to purchase from international sources. If you purchase over the internet be sure it is from a licensed and legitamate pharmacy.

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